Empowering High-Performing Neurodiverse and Intersectional Inclusive Teams

Unlock Your and Your Team's Full Potential with Inclusive Leadership. Embrace Neurodivergent and Interserctional talent to unleash Innovation, and leverage Intersectional Coaching for Lasting Growth

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Creating an Inclusive Culture that Drives Innovation and Empowers Neurodivergent and Intersectional Talent

We can create conditions where ideas fly high, trust is valued, and employees feel supported and inspired to do their best work.

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Meeting the Challenges of Modern Leadership with Neurodiversity and Intersectional Inclusion

high uncertainty
unclear purpose
misaligned teams
talent poaching
Which have a big cost for your company
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ON top of annual salary
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dollar loss in the us alone
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of employees on risk of burnout
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employees don't feel engaged
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Hi, I'm Valentina, Your Partner in Inclusive Leadership Coaching

I am certified leadership coach and diversity advocate. As a a neurodivergent person myself, and a certified mental health first aider based in Zurich, Switzerland, I specialize in empowering leaders and teams to create high-performing, inclusive cultures that fully support intersectional talent. I'm passionate about collaborating with you to transform your working environment and help your team achieve their best work.

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What Other Leaders Are Saying

"We have recently had the pleasure of working with Valentina as a trainer/mentor with our team at EMEA Recruitment and I can only say positive things about the experience. This great feedback has been also echoed by all our teams across Switzerland, The Netherlands and Singapore."

Paul Toms Linked In Profile Picture
Paul Toms
CEO of EMEA Recruitment Limited

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Valentina for the last 5 years. Valentina delivered training that was informative, easy to follow and found her communication style and approach, friendly, personable and open. It's a pleasure working with her and look forward to many more collaborations."

Michelle Erwin Linked In Profile Picture
Michelle Ewing
Country Director Netherlands at EMEA Recruitment

“Valentina is an exceptional person. She has great listening skills and has the unique ability to ask questions that go deep while providing a safe space to talk. In a short time, she was able to summarize what I had said in such a precise manner that I was blown away. And trust me, as a psychologist, this doesn't happen to me often!”

Nicole Kopp Linked In Profile Picture
Nicole Kopp
Founder and Partner of Go Beyond

“As a first-time team leader, Valentina helped me improve the communication with my remote and on-site reports. I learned how to deepen the relationships, increase trust between us and create a new sense of cohesion and team spirit, as well as how to reframe the situation at hand and see it from my stakeholders’ point of view.”

Federica Assenza Linked In Profile Picture
Federica assenza
Consulting & Customer Support at Amphasys

To Build High-Performing Teams, Your Organization Needs Inclusive Leadership

The Eight Pillars of Inclusive Leadership
Circle showing the fundamental competencies included in coaching

The journey to becoming an Inclusive Leader starts within ourselves, defining our core values, identifying our own bias, and recognizing the strengths and opportunities of a diverse group of people. Those are the traits that will build authentic connections that inspire trust.


Once we have set the leaders' foundation, we are prepared to build the competencies of a high-performing team.

Defining the common values and principles that the team relies on, building purpose-driven individuals to transform conflicts into collaboration, and supporting each member's ambitions of personal growth to create a safe and sound space for employee wellbeing.

Disengaged Teams Face Greater Challenges

Poor Communication
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Inadequate Communication incurs an average of $62.4 million loss caused by overhead, misaligned work, incorrect deliverables & more.
Society of HR Management
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Burnout costs between $125 billion and $190 billion every year in healthcare costs, and is responsible for 20% to 50% of employee turnover, depending on the organization.
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In the US, 42 million employees left their jobs voluntarily in 2019. Costing between 6 to 9 months' salary in recruiting and training.
The Work Institute

Inclusive Leadership Drives Growth

Impact on Performance
Diverse team of women working better together
Diverse and Inclusive Teams take better decisions
Better Decisions
Higher Growth
Diverse Team working on an Innovation Workshop
Korn Ferry

The Secret To Great Teamwork? Employee Wellbeing On All Levels

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Engaging discussions for your events to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion,  and neurodiversity.

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CUSTOMIZED workshops *

Tailored workshops designed to empower your team and foster the support systems necessary to enhance your work culture.

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EFFECTIVE coaching *

Personalized coaching sessions for you or your team, identifying underlying challenges and practical habits to succeed.

Fees for services that are adjusted depending on an individual's income.

* We are here to help all team leaders create a more inclusive workforce, in English, Italian, French or German.
Ask for our sliding scale fees and get started today.

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