The Secret To Great Teamwork? Employee Wellbeing On All Levels

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INSPIRING speaking

Impactful discussions for your next event to create awareness about diversity, inclusion and mental health

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GROUP workshops

Ready for meaningful change? Personalized workshops help your team create the support systems to get started

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Mentorship for you or your team to identify underlying problems and build a toolkit with practical daily habits


Company-Wide Conversations

Do you want high-performing teams with increased collaboration, engagement and buy-in? Companies benefit when employees feel heard, understood, and invited to be part of a shared purpose.

My keynote sessions provide actionable tools to reduce stress and improve collaboration, so employees are driven, committed and able to reach their highest potential. It’s up to leaders to give employees the opportunity.

I provide practical tools while sharing motivational personal stories. I also focus on topics that benefit companies in today’s climate, including employee engagement, mental health in the workplace, avoiding burnout, finding purpose, and diversity and inclusion.

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Stronger teams with Custom training

  • Do you want to improve collaboration and build high-trust teams?
  • Are you struggling with communication issues, conflict and employee wellbeing?
  • Are you looking to promote mental health and inclusion in the workplace?
  • Believe your current high-performing team could level up with 'something' extra?

Whatever your goals, I can support you with remote or in-person workshops tailored to leave you and your team engaged, energized and with practical tools to hit the ground running.



mentorship for Effective Leaders

My coaching helps managers everywhere become the type-effective leaders you would want to follow. We overcome a limiting mindset, barriers to shifting your culture and leadership coaching development strategies.

I work with first-time and mid-career leaders who are looking to improve workplace culture and foster  innovative, high-performing teams.

Either 1:1 or in group programs, I help you master the 8 pillars of inclusive leadership and connect with your team at a deeper level, all while joining a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

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