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September 17, 2021

How To Improve The Wellbeing Of Your Team

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Valentina Coco
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Do you want effortless results? It all comes down to the well-being of everyone in your team.  

Let’s face it – we spend the majority of our waking lives at work. For most of us (me included), our lives are made up mostly of work*. That is why the well-being of the team is absolutely essential for any organization to stay healthy, and productive.

*I am not advocating this, by the way.

Here are 4 simple ways to improve your employees’ well-being:

1.Integrate recognition and rewards into your company’s culture.

Although recognition might seem like an obvious wellbeing booster, its importance should not be underestimated. Encouraging and supporting employees’ goals and aspirations, no matter how little, is vital to ensuring they stay motivated.

For instance, you can do this by introducing a reward system for value-adding ideas, or identifying people that go the extra mile, or add micro affirmations in your daily interactions. However, you choose to do it, always ensure you follow through. It will make a big difference when it comes to team morale and drive.

2.Recognize the existing problems.

Sometimes, negative employee well-being is due to underlying problems that are not obvious on the surface. Only further digging can reveal the root of these problems.  

Workplace problems always have genuine reasons. They can be related to systems and processes or can be linked to a morale-draining culture, or arrangements and expectations that make it difficult for employees to stay healthy in their jobs.

Whether the problems are causing a lack of motivation, a lower standard of work, or a negative attitude, it’s always best to give the team the opportunity to share what may be bothering them, and work on acceptable and lasting solutions.

3.Prioritize personal development.

No one wants a dead-end job. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Your employees are willing to develop and grow. It’s your job to help them feel like they are on a path that leads where they want to go.

You can ensure your employees are learning and growing by aiding their personal and professional development. Ensure they get an opportunity to grow and know which direction they are heading.

4.Ensure stress is properly managed.  

Stress is one of the biggest problems in the workplace. High stress levels may cause even more problems, including professional burnout and significant health implications. That is why the right stress management (or minimization) process is necessary. Try to go beyond the yoga classes or relaxation exercises and dig deeper to understand where the disconnect between your team's purpose and their daily experiences is. Encourage your team to stay connected, by leverage technology, there is strength in supporting each other.

Valentina Coco Website Profile Picture
Valentina Coco
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I'm a connector, leader, change-maker, mother and coach. My experience of going through many burnouts motivated me to find solutions to improve the culture in the workplace and achieve more.

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