September 17, 2021

Self-Regulation In Leadership

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Valentina Coco
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Being a leader comes with responsibilities. A good leader has to have several characteristics and skills to effectively coordinate the team. One of these characteristics is Self-regulation. Leaders who regulate themselves effectively know how to control themselves, make well-thought and rational decisions, do not stereotype people or compromise their values.

Self-regulation is all about staying in control. So, how can you improve your ability to self-regulate?

Know your values

Do you know what values are most important to you? Do you have an idea of what you will not compromise in any way? Spend some time examining your "code of ethics." If you know what's most important to you, then you probably won't have to hesitate when facing a hard decision – you'll definitely make the right choice.

Hold yourself accountable

Do you tend to blame others when something goes wrong? You have to stop. Learn how to admit your mistakes and face the consequences, whatever they are. You'll quickly earn the respect of those around you and will improve your emotional state.

Practice being calm

The next time you're in a challenging situation, be very aware of how you act. Do you tend to relieve your stress by shouting at someone else? Getting sarcastic?  Practice deep-breathing exercises to calm yourself. It would be a great idea to also write all the negative things down and throw the piece of paper away*.

Expressing your emotions on paper without showing them to anyone is better than speaking them aloud to your team. What's more, this practice will help you challenge your reactions to ensure that they're fair!

* make sure to shred it though!

Remember that being a good leader is a continuous journey, which requires self-improvement and hard work. This, however, can have a great impact on your career and on the many people, you will lead and inspire.

Valentina Coco Website Profile Picture
Valentina Coco
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I'm a connector, leader, change-maker, mother and coach. My experience of going through many burnouts motivated me to find solutions to improve the culture in the workplace and achieve more.

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